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                        11:30 a.m. • McAllen Country Club


Whether we are discussing the way an ad reads or the way to read a person that you wish to sell an ad to, there are some key principles that make the information flow more effectively. In this program, participants will learn three keys to connecting quickly and positively.

1. How to read a person's face and know how they make decisions. The science known as Physiognomy, or face reading, has been around since before Sigmund Freud developed what we now know as psychology.


2. How to change your language patterns to match the needs of another person. What has been missing is the practical understanding of how to use this incredible information to create instant connections with others.


3. How to bypass the conscious mind and access what the prospect or customer is really looking for. It makes it much easier to persuade a person in the direction that you desire them to move.

In this program, you will learn the key factors of understanding another person's thoughts, behaviors, decisions, and even their buying patterns by learning to read their face and reap the benefits.


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Upcoming Events