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Presented by: Bart Cleveland
Creative Development
Job Propulsion Lab
The ad industry’s leading companies are flourishing because they’ve adopted a new way of creating. Study the hottest companies in our industry and this is what you’ll find: Innovative branding developed using 360º process. The collaborative process is the new normal. If collaboration is to work, an agency must tear down the silos and build a hive in their place.
Join advertising expert, Bart Cleveland, as he shares why Successful Collaboration is the Future of Advertising.

About Bart Cleveland

Bart Cleveland was an agency owner for over 20 years, working for brands such as Coca-Cola, The Ritz-Carlton, CNN, Du Pont, International Paper and Carter's Baby Clothes. His work has received industry recognition from The One Show, D&AD, Communication Arts, The Art Directors Show, Obie, Clios, AAAA’s O’Toole Award, Ad Age Small Agency Awards and Effies.


In 2005, Bart launched Ad Age’s most popular blog, Small Agency Diary. He is also a contributing author to the book, The Get A Job Workshop: How To Find Your Way To A Creative Career In Advertising. In 2012, Bart founded Job Propulsion Lab to help people in creative industries have the career they are meant to have. You can reach him


Bart also helps companies and marketing professionals succeed by tapping into their brand’s true potential.


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