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AAF-Rio Grande Valley

Membership Luncheon

Tuesday, July12, 2016

McAllen Country Club

11:30 a.m.


Members $25

Non-Members $30

Students $20


Wendy K.B. Buskop

Managing Patent Attorney

Buskop Law Group, Houston 


Wendy K.B. Buskop is the Managing Patent Attorney of Buskop Law Group - one of the “Top Patent Law Firms” in the United States. She has been writing patent applications since 1980 and has written and prosecuted patent applications for Dow Chemical Company, Shell Oil Company, Lyondell Petrochemical, Aker Kvaerner, Eastman Kodak, Angstrom Power, AT&T, SBC and many medium sized corporations.  

Ms. Buskop is a published author and speaks regularly on related intellectual property topics. Her books include; “Small Law Firm Development Tips” and “Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets: What Automation Professionals, Manufacturers, and Business Owners Need to Know”

Ms. Buskop was trained in chemistry at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and also received a Master’s Degree from the same school. Her JD is from Franklin Pierce Law Center, the #1 rated patent law schools in the United States according to the US News and World Reports and the American Bar Association.

Wendy K.B. Buskop will provide valuable information to protect you and your clients from IP infringement in the increasingly digital world we work in.

Learn about the types of Intellectual Property.

Hear about 3 types of disclosure to avoid before patent filing.

Understand ways to use patents as a marketing tool.

Find out how to use patents as a weapon to protect market share from thieves.


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